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6 reasons
to fear
web trackers


The web, a cyber-security nightmare

The Web is populated by remote systems that observe your Web activities, and that collect sensitive information vital to your business.


They collect your data

They watch the website your employees visit, their interests, where they are, which device, operating systems, and applications they use.


They understand your business

They dig into this data, and obtain information about your business, from strategic development to investment plans, from key suppliers to preferred customers.


They find your weaknesses

They understand your company’s security policies, look for vulnerabilities, and weak links, and use social engineering techniques to break into your business.


They are many

There are more than 20,000 services, called trackers, whose business builds on the collection and broking of private data. Your employees, unconsciously, give them information when simply accessing a website.


They are not regulated

Web tracking has never been subject to a comprehensive regulation and monitoring. Trackers widely proliferate in the Web with no control.


Gives you
full control

at your service

Ermes offers your company a 360-degree solution to control and protect your information, blocking the data leakage on the Web.


Ermes’ patented technology automatically finds data leakage to untrusted trackers in the Web, even the unknown ones.


Ermes provides full control via software and tools capable of identifying and blocking any source of sensitive data leakage in the Web.


We are research-level experts with a 10+ years experience in Web traffic analysis and Web privacy.

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Hassan Metwalley, PhD

Cyber-security and Web privacy Expert, Co-founder

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Stefano Traverso, PhD

Data scientist and Software Developer, Co-Founder

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Marco Mellia,

Web traffic analyst and Web privacy Expert, Co-founder

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Andreas Klöfversjöld, MSc

Business Developer and Sales Specialist

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